•Sheet on Regular and Irregular Verbs

(6A)April 4

(6B)April 2 

(5-6C)April 3  


•Sheet on

Recycling and Conservation


(6A)April 4 

(6B)April 2

(5-6C) April 3


• 2 hours of TV at home

  (Summarize the story in the TV  report at school.)

-Less than 5 lines.

  (6A)April 10

  (6B)April 8

 (5-6C)April 9

•  2 questions in the journal

 (Write the two questions and answer in complete sentences.)

1)Describe a perfect house.

2)Do you recycle at home?  If so, what do you do?

(6A)April 10

(6B)April 8

(5-6C)April 9


 Grade 5 :  You do only one question. 




•  Book Talk

 (Read an English book and write the information in your Canada book.)

 (6A)April 15

 (6B)April 11

(5-6C)April 12



• Study verbs

 –  shrink to spend

 –  pass to rain

Pronouns (I-You-He-She-It-We-You-They)


first person singular:  I

present tense of broke: break

  (6A)April 18

 (6B)April 16 

 (5-6C)April 17





• Quiz on verbs

 (6A)April 18

  (6B)April 16

(5-6C)April 17


•  Projects

-Writing and Oral presentation

Design an Environmental House

(Give 1st draft + final copy)

-Writing and Oral Presentation

-Futuristic City

(Give 1st draft + final copy)

  (6A)April 25

  (6B)April 23

 (5-6C) April 24










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