On January 25 (end of pm), 6B will go in Mrs. Fatiha’s class and I will receive 6A.



•Sheet on Regular and Irregular Verbs

(6B)Jan. 19






•Sheet on







(6B) Jan. 19



• 2 hours of TV at home

  (Summarize the story in the TV  report at school.)

-Less than 5 lines.

(6B) Jan. 23


•  2 questions in the journal

 (Write the two questions and answer in complete sentences.)

1)If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?  Why would you make that change?


2) Who is the most important role model in your life and why?


(6B) Jan. 23


•  Book Talk

 (Read an English book and write the information in your Canada book.)

(6B) Jan. 24


• Study verbs

 –  teach to write

 – snow to yell

Pronouns (I-You-He-She-It-We-You-They)


first person singular:  I

present tense of broke: break


(6B) Jan. 24



• Quiz on verbs


(6B) Jan. 24


•  Project

-Creating a Play

Oral presentation






(6B) Jan. 25














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